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Updated: 5 hours 43 min ago

Coronavirus: PM announces end of Covid restrictions in England

Mon, 02/21/2022 - 17:05
Boris Johnson tells MPs the need to self-isolate after a positive test will end from Thursday.

Extra Covid booster in spring for over-75s and high risk

Mon, 02/21/2022 - 15:24
This is a precautionary dose ahead of a wider autumn booster programme, say UK experts.

NHS England drops limit on offering Caesarean births

Mon, 02/21/2022 - 13:33
Hospitals in England will no longer promote natural births over C-sections, as part of a plan to improve care.

Covid: Living with Covid plan will restore freedom, says Boris Johnson

Mon, 02/21/2022 - 10:46
Some experts warn that lifting legal restrictions at this stage might send the wrong message to people.

Covid rules: Workers face terrible choice, says TUC

Mon, 02/21/2022 - 10:42
An expected change in rules in England could hit low-paid workers, the trade union says.

Woman isolating for 850+ days: We've been left behind

Mon, 02/21/2022 - 09:07
Juliet Coffer has a severe lung condition, and feels unsafe at the prospect of Covid restrictions being scrapped.

Smell training to 'bring back the senses'

Mon, 02/21/2022 - 06:18
A charity has been hosting a number of workshops to help those who have lost their sense of smell.

Vegetables alone not enough to reduce heart risk, study finds

Mon, 02/21/2022 - 05:11
Other lifestyle factors have more of an impact on heart attacks and strokes, a large UK study suggests.

Smell training to 'bring back the senses'

Mon, 02/21/2022 - 00:06
A charity has been hosting a number of workshops to help those who have lost their sense of smell.

Sickle cell: ‘The revolutionary gene-editing treatment that gave me new life’

Sun, 02/20/2022 - 01:51
Jimi Olaghere feels like he's been reborn after a pioneering new treatment for sickle cell disease.

Covid isolation laws set to end in England

Sat, 02/19/2022 - 23:06
Boris Johnson says the virus will not "suddenly disappear" but people can now protect themselves.

Pharmacists say abuse from customers is increasing

Sat, 02/19/2022 - 08:05
Staff at high street pharmacies in Scotland are increasingly being abused by aggressive customers.

NHS stops taking gambling funds to treat addiction

Sat, 02/19/2022 - 05:14
The health service will instead fund its own gambling services from 1 April, says mental health boss.

Shlomo on why he stepped back from the beatboxing limelight

Sat, 02/19/2022 - 00:02
After tackling depression, beatboxer Shlomo is now back on stage helping children's mental health.

Brains remain sharp until 60, study suggests

Fri, 02/18/2022 - 14:56
The research contradicts popular assumptions that mental speed declines after the age of 20.

Malawi finds Africa’s first wild polio case in five years

Fri, 02/18/2022 - 12:59
Africa was declared free of wild polio in 2020 after a major continent-wide vaccination campaign.

Tamera: 'Having synaesthesia means I see colours when I hear music'

Fri, 02/18/2022 - 08:36
The rare neurological condition synaesthesia is helping singer/songwriter Tamera make music.

Covid: NHS bosses call for free tests and isolation to remain

Fri, 02/18/2022 - 01:31
Senior NHS staff say they disagree with the prime minister's planned changes to English Covid rules.

'My child is in pain - but I'm helpless'

Fri, 02/18/2022 - 01:21
How children are becoming the forgotten victims of pandemic after disruption to care and support.

Bionic eyes: Obsolete tech leaves patients in the dark

Thu, 02/17/2022 - 14:18
The retinal-implant manufacturer has shifted its focus, leaving users with little or no support.